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Zuckerberg is following the policies of Facebook

Zuckerberg is following the policies of Facebook

In protest of company’s stance on Trump posts employees revolt and quit

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not help his inability to control the latest divisive Facebook post of President Donald Trump.

Zuckerberg claimed his decision was “tough,” but according to the New York Times, the decision-making phase “was very comprehensive.”Zuckerberg said that the “right action” is to “leave Trump’s words up” on Facebook at the moment.

“I knew my personal opinion would have to be separated,” he continued. ‘When we took this decision, it would lead to a lot of people in the company being upset and we would get the media’s criticism.’

Hidden behind a alert from Twitter’s social network rival against the glorification of abuse was Trump’s article, as he said “when the robbery began the shooting starts.” However, Zuckerberg said Trump’s statements on his platform won’t be moderated.

Zuckerberg openly advocated a decision by Facebook not to remove the messages of Trump by arguing his faith in freedom of speech. Zuckerberg also said that online messages from world leaders are worthy of news and in the interest of the public.

Zuckerberg ‘s reaction was widely criticised, and hundreds of staff declined to operate on Twitter on Monday in anger.

His online town hall, Tuesday looked as though the organization did not have settled factions, with one employee tweeting after a call: “The leadership fails to meet for us today is crystal clear.”

Timothy Aveni, a more staff on Facebook, quit Tuesday ahead of the town hall and blasted the internet giant for his policies.

“I can not defend against continued Facebook denial, in a widely published post, of behaving in reaction to a bigoted tweet by the president that aims at radicalizing the American people.” “I am terrified of my government, and I’m seeing the extremely unsafe status quo of our business do little.”

After graduating from the Georgia College of Technology, Aveni had operated on Facebook from June 2019. His work on Facebook he described as “combating the spread of misinformation.”

Certain Facebook employees are almost out today to challenge President Donald Trump ‘s absence of response to protests over the brutal murder of George Floyd. 

The New York Times reports that employees who participated in a protest requested time off and have then added an off-site answer to their e-mails telling senders to protest.

 Since the walkout was approved by Facebook, it says employees will not need their paid hours off.

Image source : techcrunch
Image source : techcrunch


The New York Times reported that dozens of Facebook workers organized a virtual walkout on Monday in protest against President Donald Trump’s decision not to take action against incendiary posts last week.

Last week in Minneapolis, Trump wrote on Twitter and Facebook, “as the robbery commences, it begins to fire, in a demonstration against the police killing of Floyd.”

There is a racially charged history behind this sentence, as reported by the Washington Post. In the 1960s, in civil strife in black Miamis, a white policeman employed the same expression. But Trump claims that he didn’t know that.

On Friday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook explained that the company policy “permits debate on state-owned violence, although I believe it is important to consider the limitations of the debate today.” Furthermore, Mr Zuckerberg said, “We think people should know whether the state is planning to use force.”

In a Fox News interview, Zuckerberg drew a contrast last week after the White House announced its intention to issue the executive order designed to punish social media companies for Twitter ‘s decision in order to check the President’s tweet factually. 

In his interview, which on the same day was issued by Trump’s Management Order intimidating the use of platforms to moderate content, Zuckerberg criticized tech platforms which were supposed to act as the “arbiter of truth.”

Besides today’s rally, the staff have released petitions requesting more diversity from Facebook, while others have been threatening with resignation if Zuckerberg does not reverse his stance. 

Some Facebook employees also spoke on Twitter against the company, including Portal design manager Andrew Crow’s on Facebook. “It is inacceptable to give a platform for inciting violence and disinformation irrespective of who you are or whether it’s worthy of the news,” Crow said.

 “I disagree with the position of Mark and will work to bring about changes.”

Zuckerberg also replied by promising that Facebook will contribute $10 million to social justice organizations in the US to tackle internal discontent and growing violence between demonstrators and the police. 

The business has over $650 billion in market capitalisation.

The organization told CNN that when more workers attacked Zuckerberg and Facebook on Monday, the organization “recognize the distress that all of our employees , particularly our Black community, are experiencing right now. 

In disagreements with leadership, we encourage employees to speak openly. We will continue to try their truthful reviews as we face additional tough decisions regarding content.

Facebook employees attacked the company’s impartial stance in leaked internal communications to the Verge.

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