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Xiaomi has just launched a Transparent TV

Xiaomi launched a “transparent screen” to mark its 10th anniversary,  The Mi TV LUX Transparent Version is the name. The company claims to be the first mass-produced transparent TV worldwide, the Mi TV LUX Transparent Version. It means that customers will carry a clear television home for the very first time.


The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is based on MIUI for TV custom-made. The user interface has been designed to reflect the visual characteristics and power of the transparent screen better to create a special user experience, says Xiaomi. The program also supports Always-On display and allows users to personalize images and text on display.



Once the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is turned off, it seems like the TV is a crystal display. The images showing it appear to be floating in the air, blend the virtual and actual so that it gives a visual experience that has never been seen before! The company is the world’s first mass producer of transparent OLED televisions and the number one maker of Chinese OLED Basic Module (OBM).

Specification :

Mi TV LUX Transparent Version comes with a 55-inch, transparent OLED screen with a static contrast ratio of 150000:1 and an infinite dynamic contrast ratio. Xiaomi claims to provide the sound and image quality at different levels .


The Mi TV uses the color spectrum support of 93 percent DCI-P3. The TV provides 1,07 billion color combinations by means of a 10-bit screen.

This TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz , 1ms fast response rate is not only great , it will provide a professional gaming arena , that you experience on a gaming monitor .

With the MediaTek 9650 custom-made TV chip, the Mi TV features an AI Master smart motor and  20 algorithms of optimisation and helps for smoother experience .

The 5.7 mm, ultra-fine rectangular body and the round base of the Mi TV LUX Transparent Version are available to give you an exceptional visual experience. A matte finish is on the table stand .

The Mi TV LUX has a translucent OLED or TOLED screen that uses clear components with no backlighting requirements. It means a mirror through which you can actually see, and since there are no panels in the back, images will appear to float when the TV is switched on.

There’s also support for Dolby Atmos.

Price :

Xiomi is releasing Mi T V LUX Transparent Edition, which will be available in China from 16 August, for a price of RMB 49,999 (about five lakh). There is still a worldwide supply and cost to be published.

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