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World’s first floating Apple Store

Located on the bayfront in Singapore

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has the Worldwide Retail Network, but this has not stopped the company to indulge in its precious, exclusive and outward-looking style. The newest retail location for the iPhone maker in Singapore, on the shore of the City-State and officially known as Apple Marina Bay Sands, is the only Apple retail shop on this planet floating at the sea, and is one for world premier.

It is the 3rd Apple Store of Singapore following Orchard Lane, which opened as the world’s first in 2017, and the Apple Jewel Changi Airport in the world renowned retail area at a transport hub in Singapore that is also home to the tallest waterfall. The site, which is situated in the same name, forms part of the luxury hotel and resort.

It is the 512th Apple retail store in the world and it will open soon.

MacRumors got a clean, small teaser video from Apple, which was made to promote the opening of the shop, showing a custom graphic that emulated the finely lit lines that spread throughout the orb during the night.

The glass panels in the shop show the towering landscape of the city and the movement of the water in the city center throughout the day. The sphere shines with gentle warmth at night and evokes the design of traditional lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The roof of the pavilion narrows to one eye and lets unhindered light flood through the roof. A bird’s eye view of the shop looks like a bottle of iris that looks into the sky.

In terms of ongoing efforts in the area of health and safety, which include limited use of the occupant, mask wear and other sanitation, the store shall include all the process for sanitization like other apple stores in the world.

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