Vivo ‘s latest X50 Pro mobile phone with a Gimbal Support


Vivo 's latest X50 Pro mobile phone

It come's with Gimbal Support , it can change the game for Video Recording

Innovator Vivo for Smartphones has announced the X50 Pro, a shake-eliminating camera-centric device that is ready to take super-standing photos and video, irrespective of conditions, day and night. Whilst we are accustomed to seeing a gimbal system inside a mobile phone using the optical imaging stabilization, the digital stabilization and even artificial intelligence (A.I.) to minimize blur and shock.

All about the Phone :

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Up until now you had to use a Portable Gimbal such as DJI Osmo to provide gimbal stability on a camera. The cameras, motors and a gyroscope monitor the orientation, spinning and screen of a traveling object, and the picture stays stable and the photos or videos are not destroyed. Vivo has condensed the hardware for the X50 Pro to fit into a tablet, which he claims is based on a full-size device utilizing professionals.

The Gimbal Camera System stabilizing from Vivo often has a wider rotation angle than the more common solutions alluded to above and the entire device operates through a view of the gimbal, which correlates to the degree of stabilization in the image. Computer algorithms control the gimbal, raising the flushing and holding the subject centered.

Three X50, the X50 Pro and the X50 Pro Plus series are eligible. The Image Gimbal Mechanism is used for the X50 Pro and Pro Plus and is fitted to four lenses on the rear. The camera of the X50 Pro uses the new Samsung ISOCELL GN1 50,1.3-inch sensor and the X50 and X50 Pro feature zoom in on a periscope. The full specification has not yet been published by Vivo but states they are all in Super Night Mode, Astro images and wide-angle and macro features.


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