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Apple’s Upcoming event details :iPhone 12, Watch Series 6

For months rumours have surfaced that the supply chain of Apple could be slowed down. Some rumours indicate they won’t be available until a little after the year, while Apple will announce the iPhones at the normal time. 


iPhone 12

iPhone 12, the first major iPhone design change that is expected after iPhone X was launched. Although the device will possibly swap the rounded borders for blockers, such as the new iPad Pro, this is likely to remain the same.

Of course , the biggest change to the iPhone 12 is perhaps made by internal upgrades. The device has a next-generation chip and will be the most powerful mobile chip ever if history is anything to go through. 

The iPhone 12 is now not only able to update the camera, and some iPhone 12 models will possibly now receive 5 G support. 

Apple is currently expected to launch four iPhone 12 models – two downstream iPhone 11 models and two iPhone 12 Pro models.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch 6

It’s the third Apple Watch model since the Apple Watch Series 4 re-design and will probably provide the two previous models with a similar, if not the same one, design. 

Some interesting internal updates should still be available in the Apple Watch Series 6.

The updated processor is likely to be in Apple Watch Series 6. 

Not only that but Apple can add some additional health tracking features, such as the proposed oxygen monitoring feature in the blood.

New iPad


The iPad level of the entry should also be changed. The device currently has a 10.2-inch screen but it can take up to 10.8-inch to display the new model. 

Unfortunately, the device will probably keep its current design, with a home button and relatively large bezels-although it doesn’t have to be very difficult for most, considering how high power it is and how much it costs for the price.

Apple new over earphones

Apple new over earphones

AirPod’s headphone line was very popular with Apple, and new models will take advantage of this. The new model of over-ear headphones, which are expected to deliver noise cancelation costs $350, is perhaps the most significant. He will compete with the new Sony Headphones WH-1000XM4 and Bose Headphones 700.

The headphones can also provide the sensors to the earring and neckband so that they can automatically pause and play when they are removed.



Apple needs to start its smaller, less expensive HomePod to compete in the smart speaker market.

Siri is included in the HomePod Mini, but although it probably won’t be as good as HomePod’s latest generation, it still needs an appropriate quality of audio for listening to music.

The HomePod Mini will probably not be as much as $50, unfortunately, like the Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.

But it still should cost a lot less than the HomePod, which cost $350 at launch.

When is the iPhone event for Apple?

Unless the company hosts the case in September as planned, the dates of the events of previous years are as set as 8 or 9 September 2020: 

As per the history of launch events 

2019, 10 September Tuesday
2018, 12 September Wednesday
2017, 12 September Tuesday 
2016, 7 September  Wednesday 
2015, 9 September  Thursday
2014, 9 September  Tuesday
2013, 10 September Tuesday 
2012, 12 September Monday

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