TOP 7 GADGETS – August

Top Gadgets to buy in August . Best buy for home products .
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Top Gadgets to buy in August

1. Powerbeats Pro

The best version of apple air pods for sports and and physical activity enthusiast . The Best part of the Power beats pro is it never fell off , either you are running , doing squats , heavy lifting , core exercises , try anything . The worst part is how a glass wearing person should wear these not so comfortable ear tips Earphones . Long duration ,will cause you little pain and fatigue effect on ears.

Prices at $250 is something which people will care about, The appearance of the Charging case which is not a ugly one but a very well built and finished one. The sound is clear and tempting but it require some more punch on bass which is not that impressive , as the earphones main reference is for physical activities. The only reason I can understand for controlled bass and which also make it different from others is that, it provides exactly the amount of noise an average person “ears” can bear (it can differ person to person) and not disturbing anything more for healthy reason. Well this is my perception of the these truly wireless earphones.

One problem is that they do not provide noise isolation like others which is sad for a such a well built earphones . Except that its light , comes in colors white , green , blue and the famous black . Battery life is well maintained so that won’t be a problem for long term use .

So my take on this will be yes ! i will buy them in 2019 . 

Its available on amazon 

2. Dell XPS 13

The best laptop you can buy and should buy is DELL XPS 13 . I can list you various reason to buy this but one should know the important one .

  • Its light and portable

    It weigh around 2.67 pounds

  • Smooth accessibility

    1.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor gives the Edge and grip of the interface

  • Various color variants are available

    You can grab this laptop in various color.For student other than Mac air it can proved to be a goto laptop , extremely handy .

  • Numbers are good

    Its cheaper than other premium laptops and very well configured .

  • Keep working

     Battery life a day long is enough for a single charge for average use .

  • Still not satisfied

    If you are still not satisfied Upgrade for higher modification is available in Processor/RAM

Therefore proves to be a very well built laptop for student and normal usage . Yes, it can’t be used also for core gaming purpose . Priced at $900 for base variant is  a good deal for this stunning product. Its available on amazon 

3.  Bose Home Speaker 500 

BOSE 500 is the best Bluetooth enable speaker I came across till now . The built quality is half metal and half soft rubberized material on the top . The speaker is based on a concept of echo from wall to wall from a single speaker.So basically the sound seems to be coming from behind of you or beside of you .

Its totally depends where you keep it and on the beats . According to environment it will adjust the sound reach to a person and create a crystal clear sound .

So let start with quality of the build which i can say nobody will complain as it looks tough quality product  , though very smart and futuristic . It has one power cable which is decent in length ,but not that much . It has ALEXA built in which is very responsive and mostly out of 10 attempts of word catching probability it has almost 8 in real time . So, how you control this , Its Simple by voice which is almost accurate but still require attention , by touch on the top of the speaker or by the Bose app which is a great experience .

 TRUST ME ! Connectivity is based on WiFi and Bluetooth which is surprisingly very responsive . Prices at $399.00 its a great home theater experience for a large living room but not more than that , its available on amazon .

4. Mi Beard Trimmer 

Fastest growing tech company in India , launched men grooming tool in competition to braun, phillips and others . The basic features of trimmer are :

1. Stainless Steel blade 

2. 40 length setting 

3. Powerful Battery 

4. With cord or no cord usage

5. IPX7 water proof 

6. Travel lock 

Trimmer is well built and finished . The best part of the trimmer is its usage , as the performance is also supported by great battery life . The clean up is good and easy , you can use the trimmer and straight away clean with tap water . The trimmer advanced setting of blades has lot of varieties and you can try different styles . Trimmer can be used while charging or without cord (Recommended to use after charging). Priced at Rs.1,199 on amazon and on MI online   proved to be great deal .  So Yes ! definitely to buy in august before it fades away because its a great product .



5. Mi 360 Home Security Camera

  • Mi introduces this security camera long back in 2018 , but still it is one of best product you can buy of Mi and it proves to be a great investment for yourselves and your belongings. Top features of this camera :
  • 1080p FHD Picture
  • 360° vision
  • infrared Night Vision (absolutely perfect)
  • AI powered motion detection
  • Talk back feature(2 way audio)
It has a 360° movement which can be handle by the app , wifi enable camera proves to be very smooth with the transmission of the footage .
The quality of the footage is very good and have very clear vision which helps a lot for dark hidden places . Infrared works absolutely fine and produces amazing footage , you actually cannot hide something .
The best part of the camera is the AI technology which I personally like ,detects motion which is mandatory in day to day life nowadays . The feature which proves to be convenient is in-built Alexa and google assistant
This is my recommendation to buy this camera , you will know why ? available on amazon and Mi stores

6. Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

I think so this is most acceptable product of SONY people went for , Yes colors are also available .

Top features of this headphones :

  •  Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 enables you to listen without surrounding noise.
  •  Wireless freedom with BLUETOOTH® technology and NFC which is the base of the product
  • Smart Listening is a feature which will prove to be a platform for future Bluetooth enable headphones as to create Adaptive Sound Control automatically which will adjusts ambient sound to your activity. this headphone does it perfectly .
  • High-quality audio with DSEE HX™ and LDAC
  •  3 hours of (Full charge) give you max 30 hours (NC ON), Max 38 hours (NC OFF)
  •  Bluetooth version 4.2,range line of sight approx. 10 m (30 ft),Frequency range 2.4 GHz band (2.4000 GHz–2.4835 GHz)
  •  Talk at a touch with Quick Attention (personal favorite)
  •  Swivel fordable structure (Courtesy point)
I can go on with the feature’s because there many , So therefore i can say if you are a music person and trust me you don’t have to be a great one , Yes It is for you then just buy!, available on Amazon  

7. Samsung Galaxy watch

Lets straight away start with the important features of the galaxy watch :

  1. You don’t need your phone
  2. Health tracking at every reference possible
  3. AMOLED Screen , Oh Yes !
  4. Several days on single charge
  5. It rugged and tough
  6. Comes in different bands and design
  7. If you have Samsung note , great go ahead and charge
Details version of the specification you can find on  SAMSUNG  . This is the product for everyone who is concern ,well informed and active and like to be same in future . Its available on Amazon 
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