The $179 Timex Metropolitan R Is a Classic Smartwatch


The $179 Timex Metropolitan R Is a Classic Smartwatch

WearOS intelligent watches cause for concern

Timex introduced Timex Smart range, divided into four smart, round- or square-box touchscreen smartphones. The Round Model is the Metropolitan R and the square-cased Metropolitan S. 

The two cost $179 each with a front touchscreen, fitness-tracking for iOS and Android, notifications, battery that should last for up to two weeks before recharging.

The Timex Metropolite R on paper resolves several pain points that are robbing people of smartwatch ownership high by modern smartwatch standards, attractive in design and with a long lasting battery. There is also an advanced health monitoring device with GPS and a rear heart rate tracker, rendering it as expensive as others.

If we talk about the apps and device that wasn’t perfect ,Few changes seem to have been made here, but only extensive testing can demonstrate that this has produced a major difference in the world of Smartwatches .

Specification :

Hardware -

Timex has not listed the Metropolitan R or battery size processor or quantity of RAM driven. The magnetic connection, which attaches on the back of the watch, is powered for 12 days on one charge. The watch has GPS but no option to pay without contact with NFC. The Metropolitan S has a much bigger battery inside the square model and is able to be used for 14 days.

Color -

The Metropolitan R is seen in gunmetal with a dark and brown strap, but a rose gold with a less sportive bezel, and a rose, colored, blush strap can also be obtained. The Metropolitan S is also available with a black version and a black strap. Whichever model you purchase will cost 179 dollars.


Waiting for the last release date and availability, the plan is for Timex’s own web site to go on sale on June 16. Watch from Amazfit is sold in the United States via Amazon, so this could ultimately be one of the options as well.

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Design :

The Metropolitan R is equipped with a compact circular case of 42 mm with 2 right-hand pushers. This is a textured piece of aluminium with a clear bezel and a black case inside. The bezel has a sporty design, but it is not rotating in chronograph style. It looks very good when it comes to a black watch face, but it does not overwhelm the wrist with the tiny size of the watch.

It is thin, with a harness of just 39 grams and really slim as well. You gaze at a bright and responsive 1.2-inch AMOLED touch panel. It supports both an all-time display and an up-to – date function, depending on how much life of the battery you want to keep when you find out how long.

Models are fitted with a slim, brunette, 20 mm silicone and leather strap that is very soft and pliable right outside the box, making the Metropolitan R the minute you put it comfortable. The silicone lies close to the skin to keep it from sweating or fabric damaging. 

The top button of the case is a sleep / wake or back button, while the bottom button of the watch menu opens. The feeling is pretty cheap when you’re pressed with a distinctly tinny “click.” The quality of the feeling case contradicts that.

On the Metropolitan series, Timex didn’t use Google’s WearOS, instead the watch operating system and app are proprietary. There’s still a long list of Timex watch faces in the store, but it’s similar to everyone.

The reason is clear from the Huami setup page when registering for the app. Huami is the business behind the smartwatches Amazfit series.

GTS Amazfit and the T-Rex models Amazfit previously. A little deeper dig and the Timex Metropolitan R is the same technique as the Amazfit GTR 42 mm and the Metropolitan S also appears to be the GTS Amazfit.

Metropolitan R :

Although WearOS does not work, many work in the same way in the operating system. Turn left and show your daily number of steps, distance and calorie burns. Swipe your heart rhythm again. Watch the menu with notifications, alarms, musical control and workout plans on the screen. 

Finally, a quick access menu is displayed in a swipe down.

There is stuttering when you flick through these screens and the animation between them is also sloppy, but nothing has frozen so seriously.

The application has been well presented and it was quick and easy to synchronize with the watch while a software update took just a few minutes. The change of watch face is annoyingly long-winded but a lot of really good look Timex faces are available. 

Not only was it faster than all the Wear OS watches but also it was far better than when I looked at the Amazfit.

You can choose from preset walking , running, swimming, biking, and even skiing and climbing options when looking at the workout plans. The watch begins its search for a GPS signal when you begin an activity. 

You need to swim with the Metropolitan R to make the Watch Water-resistant to 30 meter so it should be fine.

The app also collects all your fitness information and there are graphs for that because the watch will track your sleep. 

Looking $179 isn’t terrible, or is? The term of Timex has a long background in timepieces. At first glance, Metropolitan R is much to like, from design to price.


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