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Sony’s PS5 and new PS5 Digital Edition is Here

Sony’s PS5 and new PS5 Digital Edition is Here

PS5 reveal was the best look till now !

Video Credit : Youtube (Sony)

The PlayStation 5 had been a unknown level above the kind of technical details which had ever leaked. So what a blessing that Sony placed out her full effort. This show was positive that excellent titles, high manufacturing standards and even the hardware console itself were included. It almost had the feeling that things were back to usual.

At the very end of this case, the console has an almost alienware-like nature, a dimensional form with a black central portion and a white circular top and bottom. At the presentation, the console was seen vertically on a table, so we might presume it had to stay in that position, but Sony did not confirm that.

In addition , Sony also released a new Portable console Version-shown at the right-with no disk tray / 4 K Blu-ray player like the original PS5.

In addition to the console, Sony showed the first set of accessories that match the design of the PS5 including a headset, DualSense charging Station, a remote media and an HD camera.


Sony’s variable clock speed design can be better off than one might expect. This means that this chassis is far bigger than expected, taking into account the power disparity on paper with Series X. There is one thing that is certain, if you’re a type of person that likes cross-platform pixel comparisons, then the PS5 and X series will be fascinating competitors

The new deployment idea of crossing dimensions to end up in split seconds in gorgeous expansion looks like it has been designed explicitly to take advantage of a fast SSD and Processor. Not only are load times quicker. 

It’s about architecturing games in a way that was not possible until the baseline was the slow CPUs and spinning hard drives.

The introduction of Sony was by far the first glimpse at what all of us can anticipate from the next generation of video games, and it is now largely up to Microsoft to illustrate its own potential dream of the Xbox. 

However, while Microsoft has focused on subscription packages and play connectivity in anywhere, the plan for PS5 is similar to that of the PS4.

Looking at the front of the device, there is a USB port and USB Form C on the left, two actual control switches and a disk tray eject on the case of the central PS5 unit.

We have also had an opportunity to see how the console handles ventilation, which is vital to sustainable performance. Sony appears to use fans to keep it cold, on the left and on the right side of the screen.

It includes an AMD Zen 2-based 3.5GHz AMD Zen 2 GPU with 8 core and a custom RDNA GPU with 10.28 TFLOP with a 36 GHz AMD Zen. It uses a custom SSD 825Gb and GDDR6 16Gb memory with simplified system architecture, which eliminates bottle necks according to the architect Mark Cerny.

The Price is still unknown and availability around the globe is scheduled around Holiday time (NOV. DEC)

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