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Sony cancels PS5 event as U.S. tension Grows

Sony cancels PS5 event as U.S. tension Grows

Playstation 5 Features were to announce in this event , disappointment for Playstation lovers



Due to the increasing social instability in the US, Sony has cancelled the PlayStation 5 game, scheduled for June 4.

“While we realize that players worldwide are enthusiastic about playing PS5 games, we do not believe it’s time to rejoice yet, so we want to stand up and let critical voices be heard,” tweeted the Sony official account of Playstation.

The online gathering, entitled the future of gaming, centered on some games to be published later this year alongside the PlayStation 5. The gamers wanted to see what the next console will bring, but future specifics such as architecture and price tags will wait a little longer.

The agreement of the PlayStation 5 case by Sony follows Google’s related shift to suspending the expected Android 11 beta live stream.

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