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Samsung’s New Jetbot vacuum cleaner robot launched

Samsung’s Jetbot vacuum cleaner robot turns to wall and window


Samsung also has an active vacuum line to purify soil and waste, so what about spills or something that can keep the rough surfaces shiny and tidy at home? 

Samsungs Jetbot is a sophisticated mop that is able to sweep bricks, carpet, laminate and solidwood floors — and is doubled for walls and windows as a handheld cleaner! The double rotating pads clear and tone the floor up and the cleaning time of up to 100 minutes ensures that when the jetboot comes to an end, the floor will shine. The tanks dispense fluid automatically and can to refuel after 50 minutes.

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The Jetbot Mop features clever sensors that help you to traverse your home and prevent obstacles such as furniture and carpet. 

It has also been designed to clean the edge and make it smoother, elegant. Jetbot Mop has its durability, which is very interesting. The Jetbot Mop can be turned into a handheld device for sweeping the walls and windows in addition to washing surfaces. It’s fine to scrub the floor or to wipe grime from the glass in the toilet.

More people care of ways that their homes can be kept safe throughout the holiday season. As vacuums on robot make regular cleaning quick, what about the periods when you have a disorder — like a baked flour discharge? 

With Jet Stick Vacuum, Samsung offers an option.The jet stick vacuum is a cableless vacuum for use in all environments on all floors. 

They are small and have an extractor capacity of up to 200 watts and a HEPA filtration device of five layers that collects up to 99,99 percent of dust and allergen particles.

 The Jet Sticks Cleaner will help minimise sneezing and itchy eyes in your family of fall allergies on the way.

The Jet Stick Vacuum lasts up to 60 minutes per charging and the battery can be withdrawn quickly so that it can be replaced. The vacuum takes 3.5 hours to fill and comes with a swive head of just 6 pounds, making it easy to sweep under furniture.

The Jetbot Mop is for $250, the Jet 90 Cordless Stick is for $600. 

The machines are part of a recent Samsung programme to make it easy to clean up the house while reducing the effort required for cooking and laundry activities.

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