Samsung 2020 brings new series of soundbars


Samsung 2020 brings new series of soundbars

Dolby Atmos from $180 - $1,200 /Rs 14,000 - Rs 92,000 to your Screen.

Since Samsung unveiled new speakers at CES 2020, we already know the expense of introducing one to our home theater set-ups, in 2020. This has a broad variety of soundbars, from an simple 2-channel volume booster to a completely integrated 5.1.2 dolby atmos sofa shaker, for any space and budget.

Series to look for :

Samsung 2020 Q Series soundbars

Image source : Samsung

Samsung’s Q Series is the leading collection of soundbars in the industry. They use Q-Symphony technology that integrates the complex Object Detection Sound of the soundbar with a Samsung TV compliant top speakers to provide a more interactive environment than is feasible with the Soundbar itself.

Samsung’s Acoustic Beam Technology, which allows non-superficial, non-3D TV audios to create a more immersive feel, also includes these soundbar models.

The Q950 T, Q90R, Q900 T, Q80R, Q800 T and Q70 T have wireless subwoofer and Dolby Atmos and DTS: X compatibility for the various sound formats with HDMI eARC connectivity and a collection of modified drivers that can complement the two heights needed for 3D-like sound effects.

The Q800 T and Q70 T are the best options to utilize Dolby Atmos because they are 3.1.2 setups and do not have separate surround speakers. Nevertheless, the Samsung wireless speaker package, supplying them with a complete 5.1.2 experience, can be updated later.

The Q60 T provides a virtualized 3D environment with the Virtual: X DTS. Also it has a bluetooth subset which can be updated to a full 5.1 surround sound configuration optionally through the wireless speaker pack.

Samsung 2020 S Series :

Image source : S series

The S60 T is a four-canal sound bar with Dolby Digital and DTS, but with a portable optional subwoofer and the same portable surround package as the Q Series Soundbar, it can be extended to a far more versatile setup. The S60 T is also an Amazon Alexa digital app, which monitors online music channels and digital home appliances.

S60T: $330 / Rs 26,000

S40T: $180 /Rs,14,000



Samsung 2020 T Series

Image source : Samsung

The T Series from Samsung is a small- to mid-level soundbar system for anyone finding the most economical way to enhance the sound of their TV. Both versions of the T-Series have integrated subwoofers and Samsung’s integrated package can be updated further. The Dolby audio and DTS formats are supported by these lines.

T650: $400 /Rs31,000

T550: $280 /Rs22,000

T450: $200 /Rs15,500

T70: $700 / Rs53,000

T50: $500 /Rs38,000


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