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Oracle won a deal to TikTok in the USA

Oracle beats Microsoft and gets a TikTok bid

President Donald Trump released an Executive Order in early August specifying that, unless ByteDance sells his US properties to a US corporation on September 15, 2020, the software is forbidden in the US.

A subsequent executive order expanded the date to 12 November. However, Trump told reporters last week that the date was not expanded and ByteDance had to reach an understanding until 15 September.

Trump deemed TikTok a challenge to national security as part of Beijing-based ByteDance ..



Oracle Corp. Oracle ORCL 0.58% won the U.S. video-sharing operations offer for the TikTok programme. People who know the subject said they had defeated the Microsoft Corp. MSFT -0.65% in a high-profile transaction to revive a social media phenomenon amid a global chaos ..


TikTok has allegedly reached an agreement with Oracle to sell its American tech operations to the US giant before the September 15 deadline for President Trump ‘s sale.

The deal will make sure the famous social media service continues to work for millions of US fans.

Word of the deal arrived not long after the initial contender, Microsoft, revealed that it has failed to acquire TikTok’s US company following lengthy negotiations with the Chinese owner of the software, ByteDance. ByteDance.

Oracle will be regarded as the “trustworthy tech affiliate” of TikTok in the US and is possibly not designed to reflect a full deal, the people add.

The next move will be for the White House and the US Foreign Investment Committee to approve the contract, one person said, adding that it addresses the questions that the US government has voiced previously regarding data protection.

TikTok’s parent firm, ByteDance Ltd. in Beijing, is relocating a few days after Chinese government talks on the kind of TikTok artificial information technology that was launched at the beginning of last month, when new export regulations were released. 

The algorithms that decide the videos used by users and which are viewed as the secret sauce for TikTok were included in the contract negotiations before the change in Chinese legislation poses concerns between the parties engaged in negotiations about how to support the social media industry.

TikTok allegedly “censors material” deemed politically offensive by the Chinese government and said “the software can also be used for campaigns for misinformation to support the Chinese Communist Partial Group.”

At the time TikTok said it “shocked” and added that it “never exchanged user data or centified information at its request” with the Chinese Government.

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