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New Update from Google To Android TV Apps

Android TV

The Update :

Google has launched Android TV as the largest update in many years, providing various new features to be introduced for smart TVs, gaming consoles and set-up top boxes.


Google Play for Android TV users has more than 7000 apps and games. The company also said that the monthly number of active app users grew at 80% annually.

One of the beauty of these Os system is that , Android TV users can benefit from the ability to play with new apps and games without downloading them when Google Play instant supports Android TV. 

Google Instant Play enables its users to try out new apps without first having to install them on their smartphones.

For Google Instant soon to go to Android TV, consumers will be able to check out new games free of charge and only install what is worthy of them. Before laying on your side, the restricted capacity of your SmartTV storage also binds you from needless downloads in addition to wasted time downloading a game ..

Google is now launching a four-digit PIN facility that allows customers access at all times without entering their full password. The virtual Gboard TV keyboard is also a low-latency tool.

Remote, this is definitely one of the mad smart TV experiences. Now, Google has replaced the A-Z style with a QWERTY model. The latest GBoard TV also features word-to-text, automatic typing, different middle, left or right alignments and modifications for over 30 countries. Text-to-text and automated typing as alternative input method for apps would be especially useful.

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