New guidelines for Amazon, Flipkart continue to deliver essential supplies


New rules for Amazon, Flipkart to deliver essential supplies

Guidelines to secure e-commerce cos workers and to prevent corona spread.

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New guidelines on protection and sanitation of the Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce companies have been introduced by the Indian government.

The Government would also keep the management accountable for informing and transmitting the specifications of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) to all stakeholders, rendering the chief operating officer (COO) of organizations liable for enforcing social distancing and hydration standards.

Agenda :

‘The purpose of this SOP is to provide advice on health and safety during a pandemic collapse in the supply chain, including First Mile Retailers, for purification, sanitation and protection at the work place, in alignment with the draft guidelines that PTI has issued.

Details :

The Aarogya Setu App was also required for the workers to use. In the draft SOP on e-commerce activities during the Covid-19 pandemic many other steps were also suggested.

The SOP draft demands the identification of Covid-19 symptoms (cough, sneezing, nausea, body difficulty) by workers during retailer, factory, and selling activities and recording promptly in the nearest hospital in event of symptoms.

The government authorizing e-commerce companies to operate during the national shutdown is critical in stopping the pandemic from gaining further ground by creating and sharing such a SOP.

“The whole building will be completely dismantled and all equipment secured and separated if all worker is positive for COVID-19. The download and register on Aarogya Setu and on the Suraksha Store app are necessary if all employees and corporate owners are needed, “

Conclusions :

For through employee and guest visiting the facility, a logbook must be kept.

The SOP draft notes that “the management of these log books and formats shall be liable for preserving accurate records of guests, including name, sex, address (actual and permanent), residency certificate and mobile number among others.”


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