MIUI 12 by Xiaomi is here with the official global release


MIUI 12 by Xiaomi is here with the official global release

Features, Eligible Devices And many other features

MIUI might not be a popular Android phone for all, but still remains one of the most common phones in the world with more than 400 million users. Xiaomi, which is the number one telecommunications service in India, has over 100 million MIUI customers in India alone and has made good hits for the optimization of the phone by the Chinese maker for a global audience in recent years.

Xiaomi’s latest version of the UI-skin includes and updates like improved privacy access, new smartphone features, improved dark mode and more.

New Settings Interface

MIUI 12 introduces a new interface design. In addition to the dramatically simpler interface, Xiaomi specifically concentrated on a simplistic concept aesthetical here. In addition to this interface, more animations such as pressing a button or moving elements are introduced when carrying out actions.

Protection of Privacy

Xiaomi not only adds these new data security functions, but also allows them beautifully appealing. MIUI 12 also simplifies this information by simplifying how privacy-related permissions are grouped in order to easily use the confidentiality information. The details is change in direction, illustrative and intriguing compared with Ios.

MIUI 12 provides an explanation of the permissions for various applications. The MIUI 12 privacy data is easier to understand and less intimidating to users compared to Android. In addition, MIUI 12 allows users to control permissions for actions such as NFC connectivity status and applications’ ability to display permanent notifications and pop-up windows.

Battery Saver Mode :

Dark Mode

Multitasking Mode

MIUI 12 offers some new multi-task features, which simplifies Android for powerful users. The latest global design for the MIUI 12 introduces floating windows to enable two separate applications to be used simultaneously. With quick movements to rotate, transfer or lock your window device, you can utilize these rotating windows without messing with your current operation.



Control Interface

The new Control Center is one of the design elements which have seen a revision in the MIUI 12. It separates itself from the notification box and replaces the traditional fast settings tiles that we see in Android and previously published versions of MIUI. You will view the alerts with a swip on the left side of the upper edge of the monitor when swiping from the right side of the display to activate the control centre.


Super Wallpapers

With the MIUI 12 Xiaomi revised device animations, including a collection of fresh ones that pop up while you open or close applications, rotate the display ‘s direction, etc. The latest transitions tend to be simpler and more complex. You can also use the flatter, cleaner system UI elements visually.

Sleep tracking


MIUI 12 is supplied with an integrated sleep tracker that not only monitors the rhythm of sleep, but can also assess sleep duration. Xiaomi also monitors users’ physical movements, such as driving, running, and more using the gyroscope on his tablets.

The Step 1 global update for MIUI 12 is expected to occur by the end of June. And a range of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, including those listed below, are rolling out.

Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9T
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
Redmi K20
Redmi K20 Pro


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