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On September 10, Microsoft releases the dual-screen Surface Duo Android Phone at $1,399 (Approx Rs 1,05000). You can also pre order the Surface Duo in the US with AT&T, Microsoft’s online store and Best Buy.

Do you really think how Surface Duo and other devices will boost on-the-go productivity as well as whether two mobile screens are actually needed. We will see with time !



The price of the Surface Duo will be just as sticking to the Galaxy Fold and other devices, which are seeking to open up to a foldable or dual screen future. A lack of 5 G and NFC, battery life problems, and the efficiency of the cameras are all going to have to be dealt with in our Surface Duo analysis. In the first place, you’ll have to pay a charge.

Design :

The Surface duo uses Gorilla Glass and the displays are designed to operate with different screens on Windows PCs similarly.It consists of two separate 5.6-inch (1800 by 1350) OLED displays with a 4:3 dimension ratio which link to form a 3:2 dimension overall 8.1-inch workspace (2700 by 1800) Like folding devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold


  • Processor

    The base Surface Duo equipment also includes a Snapdragon Qualcomm 855

  • Storage

    RAM of up to 6 giga and up to 256 giga

  • Network

    T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon have LTE available, but there's no 5 G support at all

  • Battery

    Microsoft also features two Surface Duo batteries separated under both screens.The power capacity of Samsung's Note 20 Ultra and also 4380mAh is considerably less than the 4500mAh found on the original Galaxy Fold.Microsoft claims to have "all day battery life." Up to 15.5 hours of local video playback, up to 10 standby days and up to 27 hours of speaking time can be used

  • Camera

    Microsoft uses an 11-megapixel f/2.0 camera that includes low-light auto modes, HDR multimedia shots and "super zoom" up to 7x. Video recording in both 4 K and 1080 P with electronic image stabilization will be enabled at 30fps and 60fps. On the Surface Duo is just one camera, which can also be used as a main cameras or video calls.

Application :

For two different screens, every Android device is running on the Duo without alteration. 

Obviously it was necessary to support Android from day one. In fact, developers should customize the design of their devices to gain and cover the two displays. 

Microsoft has updated its own applications like the Office suite and OneDrive to view while some including Amazon have focused on the Kindle app to make the impression that you read a book on all screens with the flip of pages.

Microsoft also uses algorithms to determine how devices will be accessed on different screens. “

“When you are on one screen, and invoke a connection, the other screen shall be filled.”

The ultimate outcome is that by clicking on a link in an application on one computer, you can still read the e-mail with a webpage. 

Another way to optimize applications like Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint is to see a video and the rest of your team’s chat or look into a full slide at the same time and on the rest of the deck.



Conclusions :

It will be fascinating to see how developers are adapting their Android applications here, as that is vital to the overall success of dual scrubber or foldable apps as a whole.

Ultimately, these devices require some hardware advances to actually take away the view. 

But customer consensus is that two screens are better than one with Microsoft, Samsung and others then we witness the future being developed. 

We ‘re excited to see all the fun Microsoft has promised .

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