Microsoft New Browser will replace it automatically


Microsoft’s new browser is arriving shortly

Automatic profile switching and many others features will be enabled

For months, Microsoft has been sprawling its new Edge browser, but now it will replace its old one automatically. All Windows 10 devices will automatically receive the browser in the next few weeks and there will soon be new features, such as a Pinterest integration with Edge collections.

The Edge browser of Microsoft will soon see a bunch of new features. Although some are for informal users, some others are targeted at corporate users, IT administrators and developers, all of them demonstrate that the team is now starting to build new features after the first stable version of the browser, which will definitely set Edge apart from their competition.


What's New ?

An integration with Pinterest and Edge’s collections feature is a new feature for more informal users. There is an intersection here, as both Pinterest and collections enable people to save links to their online research on nearly every topic.

Edge will feature a Pinterest driven tool at the bottom of a list that will include ideas from Pinterest. Tap on it, says Microsoft, would lead users to the Pinterest page “with popular, stylish pins to allow users to easily discover and apply ideas to their collections.” I ‘m sure others will consider this helpful, but I trust that you can turn it off individually as well.

Furthermore, the user can also provide a “sidebar scan” function via a right-click context menu. It allows users the choice to display responses for terms or phrases in the toolbar rather than in a new tab or browser, so that they do not lose their rhythm while dealing on a variety of activities.

You can do your searches in the sidebar without a new tab in the main browser window opening, as the name implies. This sidebar is also continuous when you move between tabs, which makes this a smart idea and something others will certainly imitate over time.

Edge now introduces automated profile switches, which automatically switches your browser profile to a working configuration, to those of us who usually mix business and personal accounts on the same machine and in the same browser.

Microsoft also indicated that Windows Information Protection on Windows 10, separating personal and business data and including compliance audit reporting, will now be supported by Edge. It was a “key concern among several clients.” Microsoft notes.

Microsoft is now launching many new apps and tools for developers. One of this is original research that helps developers to check their websites over a specific amount of time with Edge users over checking new web functionality. These are basically “prototypes that we have not yet allowed for the general website to function on your website to collect and have early input from a number of your Microsoft Edge guests.

More specifically demonstration from the team is now starting to develop apps that go beyond main application capabilities and aim to include capabilities that separate Edge from its rivals — which they actually do not do, even if they are a rather capable Chromium-based client.


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