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LG ‘s latest full wireless audio earbuds self-sanitize

LG 's latest full wireless audio earbuds self-sanitize

This should be in every headset after COVID

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With the announcement of its Ton Free HBS-FN4 and HBS-FN6 earbuds, LG officially joined the true wireless orebuds range. The distinction between them is that with the addition of a self-cleaning device, the HBS-FN6 is considered a higher-end alternative.

What is this !

The self-cleaning function is becoming the standard of LG ovens. We found that they are primarily meant for the Korean industry, covering their Tone+ Free ovens. They offer an audio supported by meridian and a familiar design, both in black and in white, in addition to this self cleaning feature.

Audio Meridian

Meridian was founded in 1977. It is an English manufacturer of high-fidelity A / V components. LG’s audio collaborator became official in 2018. LG says the Digital Signal Processing technology from Meridian will give its new audios a further dimension to the sound and will promise a realistic sound stage that will give priority to clear voices.

All HBS-FN6 as well as HBS-FN4 supports Meridian ‘s custom EQ sound settings that are customized to the listening preferences, including four presets. Natural for “authentic and well rounded” tone, bass boost for an enhanced sense of space and tree boost for a stronger vocal clarity.

The earbuds will not deliberately suppress the noise, but LG aims to match the earrings and stay tightly and offer a degree of protection of noise that is able to eliminate most ambient noises. The earbuds also have an Ambient Sound Mode which enables the outside sounds to move.

Image credit : Theverge

App for self cleaning :

The HBS-FN6 has a self-cleaning feature, as stated, which is activated when the buds are put in the loading cases. By utilizing UV light concentrated on the tips of the sodium ear gel and internal mesh LG removes 99.8 per cent of bacteria.

While it is recognized as a “self-treatment” option, soil, debris or orewax will not be eliminated.

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Battery life, security against dust and water and speech assistance :

Six hours of listening time and 5 hours of voice per charge are measured on LG Tone Free headphones. We will obtain a further 18 hours (or three full charges) from the battery case. When the buds are trapped in the case for five minutes, it would cost an whole hour.

Tone Frees have an IPX4 waterproofing ranking, that protects the earbuds in the rain and in the sugar from splashing water from any direction. Both earbud versions are Google Assistant or Siri compliant. The buds have touch commands built in to facilitate playing, pausing and skipping and volume control.

The LG Tone Free Odds support SBC and AAC audio codecs, are compatible with both Android and iOS, Bluetooth 5.0 functionality.


As you can see, LG’s earbuds are using the Apple AirPods’ long neck design. Such buds appear to be quite traditional without the use of aggressive noise reduction. The cost (as the rates have not been released) and the way their audio quality stacks up remains to be seen.


From next month onwards LG is to deliver Tone Free earbuds to Europe and the Americas, with accessibility to be followed in other regions.


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