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LG 5G Wing Officially Launched

LG Wing 5 G mobile has an insane spinning screen that flies high

LG’s Explorer Project an effort aimed at adding new life to the concept of smartphones. The aim is to take chances and to offer consumers realistic developments, and the Wing is only starting. LG has also announced its collaboration with a host of companies such as Qualcomm, Naver and Tubi and Ficto streaming services to take advantage of the new architecture.


LG continues to innovate with new ways to improve our user experience and the most recent LG Wing smartphone is very unique. It’s two displays like the V60 and ThinQ Phone, but not as you ‘d think. Like the G8X ThinQ dual phone. It looks like LG Velvet on your first glimpse, before you click a button with the screen turning 90 degrees towards the landscape and uncovering another screen below. It is more stupidity of the business to get the compact LG G5 and a Screen that sticks magnetically to the wall.


Design :

You still think why. Why. It’s about increasing the immovable screen without a complete folding system, and in turn raising the number of activities. We normally think about multiple windows when talking about a multitasking operation, but the revolutionary LG Wing screen structure does not disrupt the main view and ensures that apps and controls live on the secondary screen. Thus, when you are watching footage, you can answer messages with game controls rather than cover the action, screen music controlling map or scanning maps. Moreover, in both directions you can use your cell.


Specifications :

LG Wing is fitted with a 6.8 inch, FHD+ resolution, angled P-OLED main panel and the 20.5:9 aspect ratio. A 32MP Pop-up video is a 32MP. The secondary display is a G-OLED 3.9-inch with FHD+ resolution and an aspect ratio of 1,15:1. As you can see, there is no IP rating, but there is a water repellent coating on the panels.

A dual locking mechanism and hydraulic dump absorbing shock is used in the swivel configuration. The Wing’s LG says 200,000 swivels will last. At 169.5 x 74.5 x 10.9 mm, LG managed to get similar to the standard smartphones. The weight of the mobile is 260 g.

The remainders include a 64MP primary mount, 12MP ultra-wide swivel photographer, and a 13MP ultra-wide mount .. On the secondary screen there is a Gimbal mode with a simulated joystick.

Snapdragon 765 G with 8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB Capacity is operated by the Arm. The battery is 4,000 mAh and a wireless charging service is also available.


Price and Availability :

The LG Wing will be arriving in the United States soon and it costs about $1,000; even although an exact release date has not been verified, we know that it is not sold unlocked by carriers.

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