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‘JL50’ Trailer: Mystery of Time Traveling

The teaser only shows an airplane soaring over a football field and then crashing into a forest in Lava, Bengal. Nevertheless, rather than being a survival horror film or an accident thriller, it is a mystery. Abhay Deol enters the scene with the Rajesh Sharm, reveals that the plane which crashed had been removed 35 years ago to Pankaj Kumar (And us). That’s it. That’s it. The only thing left is it.

The next of Abhay Deol will be a sci-fi film titled JL-50 where he plays a CBI detective who travels through time and space in order to solve a mystery which has “far reaching implications.” The film is directed by Shailender Vyás, Canadian producer.

The title of the film is based on the number of passenger aircraft that are potentially most important to the film. Currently in Kolkata, it is filmed and made in Canada. The Director of Photography (DoP) is Canadian-born, apart from the director (Vyas).

The film stars Piyush Mishra along with Deol, and after Deol’s last film (also with Mishra), we see the two performing parties being side by side. 

Yes, it was Mishra who introduced Deol to the director and helped him to get him into the film, and the former not only performs in the film, but also writes some songs. Pankaj Kapur is a JL-50 cast as well.

Deol says that JL-50 won’t have people with costumes, fuzzy creatures or spaceships in spandex. The film is supposedly focused on the world of real life and an atmosphere as normal as it comes, but it will shape the plot with an unusual occurrence that will classify the film.

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