HP Envy 15 (2020)

HP is now steeping into Sleek and Powerful performance laptops . The best part is the price they will create in Future
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Now Hp has come up with the sleek design and powerful performance capable 15-16′ inch laptop in comparison with Dell and Apple.

The HP Envy 15 price of my test machine is $1,600 at HP.com as configured, with Intel’s Intel 10th-gen core i7-10750 H CPU, 16 GB of RAM (optional 32 GB), 512 GB of SSD (Solid State) storage, 4 K AMOLED and RTX 2060 Max-Q GPUs. 

A comparativity of XPS 15 similarly equipped would cost you just over $2,000, so if you’re trying to suit the graphics, you’ll have to jump to an even cheaper XPS 17.


The Envy 15 has 4 K AMOLED 16:9 display — although you can also buy  a full HD model. The AMOLED panel has an incredible contrast with with the anti-glitter feature,  with an exceptional gamma at 2.2. 

You must Know these numbers are not achieved in Cheap , but Hp Envy 15 has it in the much lesser Price than Macbook and Dell . The display is also featured with touch and pen, an additional bonus. 

The selection of colors is incredibly growing, with sRGBs at 100% and AdobeRGB at 97%. The Envy 15 has outstanding color accuracy, once again, just marginally behind both XPS 17’s 0.37 and XPS 15’s 0.65.

HP has the strength and display to compete with the best innovative laptops around it for the first time. There is no HP Spectrum range, of 45-watt CPUs, powerful GPUs and colors. The Envy 15 is HP’s first consumer laptop which brings together everything into a truly competitive package.

The color saturation falls down , but it is not very dramatic, and the “real” HDR on Netflix HDR is great.It supports VESA DisplayHDR, and it seems to be handled better by Windows 10 than before. 

Though the fact is ,It still isn’t as good as the Dolby Vision HDR in the Market .





Two downward angled speakers offer audio. 

The volume wasn’t impressively high, but with zero distortion it was very obvious. There was more bass than you might imagine, and the middle and higher were good. You could watch Netflix on Envy 15 and don’t wait for a few headphones while you’re listening. It still does not suit Apple’s MacBooks, but speakers of Envy 15 are not bad.



The Envy 15 is an elegantly conservative laptop compared to the gem-cut and small-scale HP x360 15 range. 

Envy 15 is an elegant 15-inch laptop with a silver-colored design with all-aluminum frame and no bending or folding anywhere. The Envy 15 has just enough Impressive parts for it to be so special, such as the slight distance between the keyboard and the rest of the hand. 

 Although Envy 15 is a “midrange” laptop technically, but building efficiency and size in even more impressive way , WELL DONE HP !

Like one would expect from a 15-inch all-metal computer, the height is 0, 73-inch (not bad even for a 15-inch laptop) and 4,75 pounds. It is slightly wide and heavy. The Dell XPS 15 is compared with 0.71 “and 4.5 pounds.

The screen to body ratio of Envy 15 to 82 percent is much lower in some cases because of the thickness of a chin. Because the XPS 15 uses a 16:10 aspect ratio display, the two machines are of identical scale.


This involves invisible rear flows that transfer air efficiently without impacting the look of the back of the laptop. The Envy 15 has also a wide pair of feet on its bottom that is assisted by more ventilation from the table than competitors.

Connectivity :

You get 2 USB-C ports supporting Thunderbolt 3 and 2.0 ports (upgraded from the previous model’s HDMI 1.4) which allows you to plug in three displays without a dock in the system. 

Two USB-A 3.1 ports and a reader with a microSD card are also available. So you Can Say it easy accessible .



Due to Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, wireless networking is up to date.

HP also provides a nice bonus in a second SSD slot which allows either the configuration of a RAID or additional storage. Add a few Terabyte (2 TB) SSDs and you have an extraordinary amount of storage that is particularly useful for creativity.

Keyboard and Touchpad :

HP does not limit the spectrum line keyboard, and I must mention that the HP Envy x360 13 has the same keyboard that is less than 1,000. 

The touchpad of Envy 15 is better than the Specter x360 15’s. It is not the same widescreen, which means it is wider, taking up much more room on the wrist rest. This is glass-covered and very quick to scroll and swip. This supports even Microsoft Precision touchpad drivers and the complete implementation of multitouching Windows 10 behavior. 

The touch pad is just as good as on a laptop with a Windows 10 .

The display is touch-enabled, and as precise than ever. And you’ll also have the option if you’d like to use HP ‘s active pen with 4,096 pressure sensation rates. 



Hp Envy15 uses a lighter processor than the XPS 15 and XPS 17. The Core i7-10750H has two fewer cores and four fewer threads than that of the Dells Core i7-10875H, which is disadvantageous for many content creation applications.

Hp Envy 15 is developed by the company in a fairly quiet and cool way, that is how I run all of the above tests. The Performance mode changes significantly if you just want to get the best possible output out of the machine .

Other laptops have the same value, but HPs are particularly aggressive. The upgrade did not adjust synthetic performance, but it improved hand brake and premiere performance in order to suit the XPS 17. 

This is an remarkable result considering the price gap.


Envy 15 as a gaming laptop, WHY NOT ! When there is Max-Q RTX 2060 packed inside .

Frame rate above 60 fps is good for you, since the screen of ENVY 15 is locking at a refreshing rate of 60 Hz. 

This is no anti-screen tearing technology, like G-Sync or FreeSync. Like many of these productive machines, some casual games are suitable on the side, but a proper laptop that is more refreshing offers a much more smooth and smooth gaming experience.

Battery life


Place this charge into a laptop and fit it with an AMOLED power-sucker monitor (that can be improved with dark color scheme, as AMOLED uses the least power if the screen ‘s full of black) and you won’t expect a lot of durability. That is real, as the battery is 83 watt-hours.

The basic drawback is that these high-performance design Laptops with power-sucking screens are unlikely to last you through a complete day of hard work, and this is because of the 4 K screen. You ‘d like to cart your charger around, which is the work, because these are pretty big power bricks. But that’s the cost for fast laptops with lovely displays.


HP Envy 15 works well – it’s simple, can be equipped with even faster components if you want to spend more cash and show what kinds are required.

Spectrum is ideal for consumers with efficient features, innovative forms with lower demands, good looks and a smaller frame. Yet it’s the 15th Envy, and for hundreds of dollars less, that will make consumers satisfied with affordable laptops.

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