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Google is holding Android 11 beta update in the U.S. due to Social Disturbance

Google is holding Android 11 beta update in the U.S. due to Social Disturbance

U.S.A is facing Social Disturbance/Cause which is delaying the update because it not a good time generally.

Google postponed introduction of the Android 11 beta and determined that the simulated event actually would not be the best moment.

Android’s last public Beta was set to make its appearance at the Google I / O conference on 12 to 14 May, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual gathering was cancelled. The announcement was then moved to an Android 11: The Beta Release Show live stream on 3 June that Google claims will have a question and response segment for anyone to pose questions.

Android cell phone owners and developers look forward to the next updates in the largest upgrade, which could include Scoped Storage, which restricts access to the remaining computer through applications to improve protection and data control, and a new movement named Columbus, which could be activated by double-tapping a Google Pixel Phone back.

Meanwhile the explanation for the pause is not mentioned in specific, Google is clearly giving way to the social unrest which has enveloped the United States in reaction to the death of George Floyd who, after being kidnapped by the officer Derek Chauvin, died in the meeting with the Minneapolis police on his back.

When Google will actually introduce Android 11’s public beta is unclear, though Google told 9to5Google that the actual rollout date of the smartphone operating system remains until the third quarter of the year. The Google Pixel 4a was expected to be released on June 5, and if the report was accurate, the release date of the handset could have be postponed.

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