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Fortnite Season 3 delayed, in respect of George Floyd protests

Fortnite Season 3 delayed, in respect of George Floyd protests

Image source : EPIC GAMES

Again, Epic Games postponed the long-awaited season 3 of Fortnite.

Epic wrote to the players in a letter on Wednesday that Fortnite Season 3 will be launched on 17 June, almost a week after the scheduled release on 11 June. The Device, which Epic had planned to hold before the season, has been replaced by a virtual live event called June 15. Initially, Saturday was the host of the event.

In a blog article, Epic wrote. “We believe, and these basic principles are beyond legislation, in equity and fairness and diversity and inclusion. The team is committed to advancement, but in order to focus on themselves, their families, and their communities we need to balance Season 3 launch with time.

This is the third time the new season begins. In April the first delay was reported and the second last week was announced. It is the second time the Game was postponed this week for the first time.

Several other computer and entertainment activities were cancelled or disrupted by the demonstrations. The PS5 event scheduled for 4 June has been delayed. EA postponed Madden 21 ‘s launch. And Google delayed the release of new features that were on Android 11 today.



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