A new FDA-approved COVID-19 test requires just 5 minutes


A new FDA-approved COVID-19 test in Just 5 minutes

This test doesn’t need a lab and can produce results in just 5 minutes

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A recent COVID-19 test by the health technology supplier Abbott promises to be the easiest and quickest to be done, and can do so at the very point of treatment without having to go to a laboratory round. The emergency clearance was given to the latest coronavirus that triggers the ongoing global pandemic in the US. Administration of food and drugs, which begins its development next week, with a potential daily performance of 50,000 from next week.

The new Abbott IS NOW COVID-19 test uses the diagnostic platform Abbott ID NOW, which is essentially a small kitchen appliance lab-in – a-box, approximately in size. Its size and the fact that a positive outcome can be obtained in just five minutes, or a negative outcome in under 15 minutes, may make coronavirus testing more useful in terms of detecting and diagnosing both than its current availability and also cut down in waiting times.

This rapid test solution uses a molecular test process, which works with saliva and mucus samples swabbed from a patient, contrary to the rapid tests which have been carried out in other countries and which have been given a new form of a permit under an FDA Directive to validate the accuracy of the result. This means that a patient is able to recognize a portion of the virus DNA, which means that it is much easier to detect the actual existence of the virus during an outbreak, whereas other blood tests will detect anticorps only that are present in recovered patients that do not still have the virus.

In comparison to the fast testing conducted in other countries and granted the new type of permission under the FDA directive to validate the accuracy of the outcome, this easy test solution uses a molecular testing procedure that works on saliva and mucous samples swabbed with patients. It helps a patient to recognize a portion of the DNA virus, ensuring that the actual presence of the virus during an outbreak is much easier to detect, whereas other blood tests can only detect antibodies that occur in recovered patients with the virus.

Abbott now claims that it will deliver five million tests by April, and that the FDA has approved emergency usage between these latest accelerated tests and the lab tests on March 18.Testing was an early problem in the US in terms of handling the coronavirus pandemic, which experts believe has impeded the ability of the country to correctly track and track the disease propagation and respiratory disease, behind other countries around the world. Testing has been one of the early problems in the United States.


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