Coronavirus: The lady behind the first research kit of India


Coronavirus: The lady behind the first research kit of India

Virologist, who delivered on a working test kit, just hours before delivering her baby .

Image source : Indiatvnews

Virologist name Minal Dakhave Bhosale , who invented a working test kit, just hours before delivering her baby .Mylab Discovery became the first Indian organization to obtain complete clearance for the manufacture and selling of research kits in the Western City of Maharastra. 

The first shipment of 150 has been sent this week to testing laboratories in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bangalore.Mylab is a medical molecular organization that also manufactures HIV, Hepatitis B and C studies and other diseases, claims that it will offer up to 100,000 Covid-19 samples a week and up and 200,000 if required.Every package of Mylab is able to check 100 tests, which costs 1,200 rupees ($16; £ 13) — Compared to 4,500 rupees to buy the Covid-19 kits from abroad.Moreover a diagnosis is made by the advance package in 2 hours and half hour, and the imported kits require 6-7 hours.

Ms Bhosale, who headed the team from MyLab put a record time invention , only 6-Weeks for developing COVID-19 TEST KIT called ” Patho Detect” analysis package for coronaviruses.

Finally on March 18, only a day before delivering her baby, she sent the package for evaluation by the National Institute of Virology (NIV).She submitted her application to the Indian FDA and the CDSCO drug regulation authority for legal clearance just one hour before she was admitted to the hospital ahead of her C section.

The team had to review and re-test all criteria in order to guarantee the exact and correct findings before sending the assessment kits and test limit is to be said for 10test to be exact.

Dr Wankhede claims that research would grow rapidly as every day the amount of vendors and labs grows.Increased monitoring will be a great help, but experts claim Indian healthcare system has gaping challenges that need to be linked to resolve the increasing danger a coronavirus immediately.

India has accelerated research in recent days. Initially, coronavirus may only be studied by state labs, but approval has now been given to many private laboratories as well.And Indian authorisation to market medical diagnostics kits on the basis of licenses received in the United States, the European Union and a few other countries was issued on Thursday.

Initially, India agreed that only anyone who traveled or met an infected individual or healthcare professional who handled patients with coronavirus would be examined. It was later confirmed that someone admitted to a hospital would always be checked for extreme respiratory failure.However, the amount of infections is projected to increase exponentially every day.


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