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Best Gaming Headphones Under Rs. 5,000 in India (2020)

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Sound is one of the main components that must be perfected to make professional gaming the greatest. It offers you the background overlays which is ignored by not a well built headphones and its a myth that a expensive gaming headset can only provide your the edge to become a professional Gamer.

Today, you can pick from the best Rs.5000 budget that we are offering some light on , the choice is always yours :

Important things to look for :

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HyperX Cloud Stinger

Image source : Amazon

HyperX started from 2002 and has expanded over the years to provide several product lines including memory packs, hard drives, USB flash drives, headset and mouse pads, utilizing a one-piece high-performing memory unit.

  1. One of the best memory foam you can find in this budget
  2. The earcups are adjustableThe audio controller has 50 mm to make the audio Crytal clear
  3. A strong feature as adjustable control enables noise cancelation microphone.
  4. 2 Years Warranty

The problem will arise with any budget earphones or even expensive one, what never heard Apple Battery problems. 

The conclusion is that its a more than good budget Gaming headset.

Corsair HS50

Image source : Amazon
  1. The pinching memory foam and spinning earcups offer incredible playing support for hours.
  2. 50 mm neodymium precision-tuned speaker drivers have excellent sound quality with a wide range and accuracy.
  3. Strong building standard and metal production ensure long-term longevity.
  4. It has the strongest unidirectional microphone class that can be segregated if you wish.
  5. 2 Years Insurance Maker.

Logitech G430

Image source : Amazon

For years Logitech company renowned for delivering premium goods for any budget. It is known for making well-built products for reasonable Cost.

  1. Its lightweight design and its soft 90-degree swivel cloth Earcakes provide a wide variety of fit for a good fit.
  2. Dolby Surround Sound 7.1 is really helpful in FPS play.It also has a folding microphone so that it can be moved away when not in use.
  3. 3 Years Warranty Maker.

SteelSeries Arctis

Image Source : Amazon
  1. Made with the same signature soundscape of Arctis, which emphasizes subtle yet critical sounds to provide an audio benefit.
  2. Depletable ClearCast noise microphone offers natural sound clarity and Discord Certified Addable steel-inforced
  3. Headband for all gaming platforms, including PS4, Xbox and Switch
  4. Warranty 1 Year

Razer Kraken X

Image source : Amazon

Razer is a popular brand of gamers, mainly because it has recently released gaming laptops and gaming phones.

  1. Disposable, 7. 1 Surround sound for Positional Audio: fitted with special 40 mm drivers that can be used for PC playback for the software-enabled surround sound.
  2. Planned for All-Day Comfort: Kraken’s lightest headphone at 250 grams is around 40% lighter than the competition.
  3. A cardioid mic reduces background and ambient sounds to crystal clear communication microphone
  4. Audio in Headset: The analog volume control wheel and silence micro switch on the headset are provided to easily and comfortably adapt.
  5. Sustainable design: The construction of the Kraken X is lightweight and engineered to survive regular, carefree use.

There are also other items available across the price category, but these are the most widely popular.

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