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Apple’s 5G iPhone 12

All trustworthy Rumour's about the 5 G iPhone Apple 2020 till now

We ‘re probably only weeks away from Apple to remove its 2020 iPhones and the rumour mill is swinging, indicating a number of major changes this year.

If you’ve kept up with your first-generation iPhone SE, because you just love its off-square edges, you might have the latest iPhone — there are many rumours about a brand new design that has square edges, instead of a rounded one. 

Credible Rumour's

All Apple’s most confident sources of rumours seem to agree that the company is going to disclose four instead of announcing three new iPhone model, as was the case with Apple in 2017, 2018, and 2019:


A new 5.4 inch model, smaller than the 5.8 inch iPhone 11 Pro (and probably a completely smaller handset)

A 6.1 “model of low-end – the same size as the iPhone 11 – with similar specs as its 5.4-inch brother
A second 6.1 “model with high-end specifications

A new 6.7-inch model, a bigger display than the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max (and probably larger)


Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has been forecasting new iPhones’ sizes and features for many years — but in April, the Wall Street Journal also corroborated them, and last week Bloomberg is reporting them as fact.


Apparent dumb phone models were circulating all summer long, on the basis of the projected measurements of next iPhones to giving us a clear understanding of what this latest concept would look like and how its size compares to other Apple smartphones.

See this image from these MacRumors dummy versions. You recall iPhone 4 like this:

Image Credit : Macrumors

MKBHD video in which it hands-on with a number of dummy models:

The Esquire Mini 2 is a small , portable speaker with a conference system with a noise cancelation system for direct calls, 10 hours of playtime and an integrated motor table. The Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 aims to be a portable speaker that suits today’s needs. The speaker has a number of distinctive colors and even has a bearing case.

FIRST IPHONES with 5G. So what is Good ?

Although it seems like a good bet that 5 G could come with fresh — Qualcomm and Apple have been working hard to make that possible — but still, it’s clearly not clear which phones will get 5Gs.

OLED Impact, Refresh rate

Apple’s iPhone lineup is supposed to include this year’s OLED windows, the Wall Street Journal in April, Bloomberg now agrees. 

Against much of the market that has passed on to OLED, some of Apple’s more recent smartphones – including the iPhone XR in 2018 and the iPhone 11 in 2019 – have stuck on. 

In truth. The benefits of OLED displays relative to LCDs — since every pixel on an OLED screen is different, the pixels can only be switched off until the pixels are blank. 

Deeper blacks, true colours, vibration and battery life may be more significant.

IPHONES COULD Have LIDAR Effect Camera's

The iPhones this year should retain the dual-camera configuration for the models below-end and a three-camera configuration for the models below-end .

The highest-end variant may be something new: a LIDAR camera, which tracks objects with lasers. In principle, that can make for better perceptions of reality, since your telephone should have a better understanding of the world.

The iPad Pros was first launched by Apple in March and my colleague Dieter Bohn, in his analysis, concluded that the LIDAR sensor. We will be waiting to see if it can be fully endorsed by Apple in the iPhone.

Iphone 12 Box Change

Most of the major changes to the iPhone line-up this year could be in the box.

 In June, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that Apple is rumoured to have empty box . This will be a huge change as iPhones come with power adapters and earphones after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. 

But Apple may also want to stop giving anyone even another additional power adapter or pair of headphones in a box. (The decision also could minimise e-waste substantially.)

Latest iPhones will also feature a Lightning cable to USB-C to connect your handset to a device, or a USB-C port adapter.  

This image shared on Twitter may have been verified by Apple, advertising a new 20 Watt charger. 

If this charger is a real Apple product, your devices could charge faster than the 18-watt iPhone 11 Pro driver, and certainly more rapidly than the anaemic 5-watt iPhone 11 loading machine.


Another latest Apple-designed processor is planned for the iPhones this year. 

A good bet appears to be that A14 will be used for the next iPhone processor, since it was known since Bionic A13 for the iPhone 11 series processor. Apple has already called the A11 and A12 monikers “Bionic,” so maybe this year we will see an A14 Bionic.


A few more reports about the new iPhones bounce around. Apple leaker @L0vetodream 

said low-end phones could begin with 64 GB of storage in May, while high-end versions could have a 128 GB base. 

They also said the bottom-end iPhone will have RAM 4 GB and the top-end would have 6 GB.

  • BATTERY : The alleged 5,4 “iPhone could have a 2227mAh battery, and all 6,1” iPhones will have a 2775mAh battery, while the 6,7 “iPhone will have a 3687mAh battery. 

By contrast, those packs will be smaller than those of similar-size iPhones recorded in the present line-up (seen as the 5.8 “iPhone 11 Pro has a battery 3,045mAh, a 6.1” iPhone 11 has a battery of 3,110mAh and a 3,969mAh of an iPhone 11 Pro Max).


  • PRICE : And while the bottom end iPhone is obviously smaller visually than the current iPhone 11, it is not certain if Apple is to change the starting price of iPhone line-up this year to reflect the upgrade. 
  • This is a 50 $reduction from 2018’s equally large iPhone XR. The iPhone 11 starts at $699 .. Hopefully Apple lops off an extra 50 bucks at a selling price of 649 bucks.

The rumoured redesign of the hardware and upgrade to 5 G appear to be important enough for Apple to break away from the “S” series of iPhone 11, often using it for spec bumps to leap right into iPhone 12, the iPhone12 Pro, etc.

Apple is maybe going to make the most of the latest naming system with four additional versions on top of the iPhone SE, launched already this year. “iPhone 11 Pro Max,” That too Much .

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