Apple released a new app and website for COVID-19


Apple released app and website for COVID-19

Give up-to-date knowledge and advice to citizens all over the world

Image source : Apple

Today, Apple launches a new guide and tools to help consumers keep updated and catch up on the most comprehensive CDC guidelines to preserve their wellbeing when sharing COVID-19. In conjunction with CDC, 1 the White House Coronavirus Tasks Force and FEMA, the latest COVID-19 web site, and COVID-19 device available in the App Store is created, promoting secure awareness and advice for citizens across the world at a period when the U.S. is experiencing the intense pressure of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 framework and website provide consumers with the opportunity to address a variety of questions about risk factors, recent exposures and symptoms. In addition, CRDC guidelines may provide advice on future measures, including advice on social dissociation and self-isolation, how to track symptoms closely, whether or not a procedure is actually prescribed and when to consult a physician. This innovative screening platform is intended to provide patients with information and will not override health practitioners ‘recommendations or advice given by state or local health authorities.

The app and the website both provide users access to tools to keep updated and receive assistance. Users get responses to the commonly requested COVID-19 queries, like who is at highest danger and how to recognise symptoms. They will also learn the latest CDC information such as best practices for hand washing, surface disinfection and monitoring of symptoms.

COVID-19 software and website were built to ensure privacy and protection of all consumer data in accordance with Apple’s strong dedication to customer privacy. No sign in or connection with an Apple ID of a user is needed for the software and users ‘personal responses are not forwarded to any governmental agency or Apple.

Everyone in the USA aged 18 or over can access the platform and tools today by installing or visiting the COVID-19 program from the App Store.

Customers around the US can question Siri, along with the new COVID-19 application and website, “What do I know if I have coronavirus? “To obtain exposure on the App Store to updates, tools and a selected selection of TV content from the CDC. Last week, passengers at designated international airports in the United States started getting iPhone alerts to inform them of the CDC recommendations for remaining at home and tracking their Health.


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