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Apple making large scale AR Headset Lenses

In addition to the original headset known as the code name N301, Apple is said to be involved with several AR and VR projects, with a more elegant pair of N421 AR glasses which could begin in 2023.


The semi transparent lenses for the headset transition from concept to test production, have reached a crucial milestone in the creation of Apple ‘s mounting rumored Augmented Reality headset.


In a Foxconn plant in Chengdu in soouth west China, where most of the iPads developed by Apple are based, Apple is manufacturing the lens in a single production line.

Apple introduces various stages of new products along with prototyping cycles in California and China during which it manufactures tens and hundreds of items and components respectively. By May, the lenses had entered the stage known as a validation test of engineering, or EVT, at which Apple generally manufactures thousands of units, he said. Apple has closed the design and is beginning to test its suitability to mass manufacture during this period.

This article suggests that the lenses are probably at least one year or two away from mass development, although numerous reports point to a 2022 launch. 

A recent study of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg suggests that the AR although VR ventures of Apple have been delayed by internal disputes .

Apple wants to emphasize graphics and computing capacity in AR headset design to the perfection and so easy to use , that it should replace the way we “LOOK” through technology. 

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