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You can make a video call from your Android TV with Google Duo! SOON


Google Duo will be rolling out a Beta on Android TV in the coming weeks to help get your video call experience into more areas of your house.

Google Duo was around for nearly five years and is available for Android , iOS, Cloud and smart displays such as Google Nest Hub Max. 

Next, Google is increasing Google Duo support by putting intelligent Android TVs into operation.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has forced us to communicate with people over video calls and the disadvantages of the pandemic do not look like they will soon be eliminated. As a result, in recent months, video calling services really have stepped up to deliver a more effective experience in the current circumstances. Google now announced that Google Duo is coming to Android TV in the near future.

That newsletter comes shortly after Google revealed Google Meet support for Chromecast .

If Google Meet is the video calling service that’s your preference, you can now easily make a Cast-compatible call from your phone, such as your laptop or your television but in case you just want to switch on your TV and TALK , Google DUO will help a lot .

You are great at making your video calls if your TV has a webcam. 

But if you don’t, you can add a camera to your TV to make bigger monitor video calls. Although TV-video calls might not be needed, versatility is certainly important as far as a video call is possible.

Even if you’re calling – with your kids – it’s certainly helpful to see that your TV offers, because it will huge and BIG is CLEAR .

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