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Amazon’s New Blink Cameras

These Blink Camera's record on one set of batteries for up to four years

Blink, the smart home camera firm Amazon has developed, announced today the launch of a couple of new cameras that are expanding its business into a subscription model .. Also, they will last for long – up to four years of “regular usage” – on a single battery pack if you need to.

Image credit : Amazon
Image credit : Amazon

The outdoor and indoor Blink can be recorded on a pair of AA lithium batteries for up to two years. But Blink says later this year that it will release the battery expansion to four AAs and thus double that total endurance by “normal use” to up to four years. Blink says that this efficiency can be achieved with “own-to-the-house chip technology.” How it would be convenient to stick a camera in a high-traffic or hard to reach spot would be convenient to you. Another $30 is required for the expansion package, so that some might not worth it.

Its also Alexa is compatible with both new Blink cams.

The new outdoor cameras for Blink ($99.99) [Approx Rs. 7,500] and for indoor cameras ($79.99) [Approx Rs 6,000] include a free trial for the cloud storage plan for Blink, good for late this year. But you will have to pay $3 a month to keep cloud storage going; an unlimited camera package costs $10 a month a little more. Blink still allows its customers with Sync Module 2 included and any USB flash drives they could have at hand to save their recording locally.

Both cameras are checking out most of the functions you would like from a basic home camera: 1080p video, night vision, motion detection and double sound in “sleek new hardware” design.

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