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Amazon buys Zoox for more than $1 billion

Amazon buys Zoox for more than $1 billion

Beware UBER & LYFT

Amazon negotiated with about 1,000 workers to purchase a California-based self-driving and ride-hailing company, Zoox. The change could indicate the trying to smash of the Amazon on the turf of Uber and Lyft.

First reported by The Information, Amazon paid for the acquisition more than one billion dollars. Since then, Amazon has acknowledged Zoox purchasing, but has declined to reveal the specifics of the sale.

Unlike Amazon, we are proud to support Zoox’ creative team achieve the dream of creativity and of the consumers in the years to come.


Zoox was formed in 2014 and operated on auto-driving vehicle technologies to provide consumers with an electric robot-taxi using a smartphone app.

The start-up described its work as ‘the creation of independent mobility from the ground up’ and it seems that its mission of developing a fully autonomous, designed vehicle under the Amazon region can still be continued.

Amazon announced New Developments with the company’s CEO Aicha Evans and co-founder Jesse Levinson that Zoox would be running as stand-alone company to start leading the market.

According to The Information, it is not clear whether Amazon will use Zoox systems to automate vehicles that will be used to supply packages to its customers.

Amazon, not new to the technologies of self-drive, might even potentially be aiming to reach the hailing room where Uber and Lyft go head-to-head.

Amazon’s purchase of Zoox parallels the sale of naming control to the former Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

The reconstructed site is neutral in carbon and ultimately zero waste.

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