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Amazon Air adds 12 More jets to get your order faster

Amazon Air adds 12 More jets to get your order faster

Image source : businessinsider

In its dedicated cargo jet fleet, Amazon adds 12 Boeing 737 airplanes. The business said that this change would allow it to fulfill rising competition and consumer base more effectively.

The leased aircraft would raise the fleet of Amazon Air to a total of 82 aircraft. One of the 12 aircraft came into service last month, the other 11 in 2021.

As part of a test effort to boost its US shipping operations, Amazon leased its first aircraft in 2015. Following serious logistics problems over the 2013 holiday season, the e-commerce company started to look at the possibility to taking on further elements of the distribution network.

After many major businesses became frustrated by an unpredictably high volume of orders. This chaotic episode led to a delay in many customers’ orders. Amazon offered a card of $20 to the affected shoppers and “review the performance of the delivery providers” a short while later.

Amazon has acknowledged that the expansion of its aircraft fleet is not just about delivering orders to consumers quicker.Amazon Air has since been influential in delivering critical personal security gear materials to Amazon staff, hospital personnel and humanitarian agencies in the U.S. throughout the pandemic.


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