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10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2020

10 Best Wireless Chargers in India 2020

Smartphones are the latest standard today for wireless charging. A number of smartphone models support wireless charging in India are available. Sadly, the box does not include a free wireless loader on all those smartphones. Because of that, this great feature of your smartphone may not be used yet.

Not only can these wireless chargers charge your smartphone, they can also be used to charge various Qi-certified devices.

India’s ten best wireless chargers as per all the standards are listed here , lets get started !

1.Belkin Boost Up Qi (5 W) Wireless Charger:

Image source : BELKIN

The lightweight and compact architecture is available. So it can be a perfect companion to you if you fly a lot. The black and metal colors of the charging pad are loved as well.

In addition to that, a 6 foot micro usb cable is also included for portability. They do not however supply any AC adapter. In addition, a functional LED notification system is installed on the Belkin Wireless Charger. Overall, this Qi-enabled device can be a great choice.

  1. Comes with 2 years of warranty

  2. 5 Watt High Power Charge mode

  3. It only requires 1 Lithium Battery

  4. Build quality is good at this price 

2.Portronics Toucharge Wireless Mobile Charging Pad (POR-896):

Image source : AMAZON

Toucharge Portronics. It has some awesome features and a budget-friendly wireless charge pad. For example, it has advanced security features, such as current protection, protection against short circuits, overtemperature protection, and protection from over-voltage.

It is compatible with every iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, and S series that is enabled by QI. The portable Toucharge adapter is accessible in 2 white and black colours. And it’s really compact, so you can take it comfortably with you. 

  1. Charging mode – 5W, 7.5W, 10W

  2. Strong building standard and metal production ensure long-term longevity.

  3. IT Requires AAA batteries

  4. 1 Years Insurance Maker.

3.RAEGR Arc 500 Fast Wireless Charger (RG10048):


Arc 500 RAEGR. It has a thin design and is available in black. 

The wireless adapter is constructed of ABS plastic and is fireproof ,a Certified Qi Charger. So you can load your phone with this Charger if your telephone is Qi-enabling. 

It has prevention of short circuits, temperature control, surge protection and so on.

Even with a case on your back you can charge your smartphone. 

The Charger will be Effect slower if the case is thicker than 4 mm. Removing the case will work while charging for better performance. 

  1. Charging Mode – 5W, 7.5W, 10W

  2. Its light weight and well built charger .

  3. 2 Years Warranty Maker with replacement Policy.

4. ZESCQ Turbo Fast Wireless Charger:

Image source : Amazon

A wireless ZESCQ Turbo module can be a great choice, with a very affordable price tag. In addition, the Anti-slip design comes with the Wireless Charger. So you won’t have to think about the accident of your system. This one is black with a beautiful view.

This is a case-friendly loader (up to 4 mm) for your files. In fact, international items such as buttons, coins and knife may be immediately identified. In addition , this system features a magnificent LED display system that lets you know the charging status in real time. In addition, it has existing protection. The ZESCQ Turbo is a wireless charging pad that is cheap, but still of the highest quality.

  1. Charging Mode – 5W, 7.5W, 10W

  2. Supports all Qi and iOS wireless charging devices

  3. Warranty 1/2 Year

5. AmazonBasics 10W Qi Certified Fast Wireless Charger Pad:

Image source : AMAZON

Wireless charging pad for AmazonBasics. It is already produced by Amazon at an affordable price, as you might have guessed. It serves a number of products such as Sony, Huawei and Samsung, etc.
The material is constructed with durable plastic and the rubber surface is non-slip. It is therefore easy to use at the same time, durable and safe. It is also reliable and includes overheating, overvoltage and over-current protection systems. You will be told by an indicator light whether your battery is fully charged or not properly compatible with the board.

  1. Charging Mode – 10W

  2. 1 Year WARRANTY


  4. Sustainable design: The construction is lightweight and engineered to survive regular, carefree us

6.iVoltaa Airbase1 10W Wireless Charging Pad:

Image source : Amazon

This is a wireless charging pad for iVoltaa Airbase1. 

It also has advanced security features, like most charging pads on our list. It has short circuit protection, an integrated protection against overheating, for instance. 

It is made of premium aluminum alloy and is designed in an ultra-slender design. It is sturdy and strong with the metal frame. This also comes with a non-slip pad and LED light markers. You can see the state of the charging process with the LED light indicator. The wireless adapter is budget-friendly.

  1. Charging Mode 7.5W -10W

  2. Compatible with all the Qi devices

  3. 1 Years Warranty

7. Philips Wireless Charging Pad (DLP9055):

Image source : Amazon

If you’re a fan of a Philips/branded product. As this is recorded on a leading brand, it’s a little more costly than any wireless generic charger. You first note the sleek, lightweight design of this wireless charger.

It is available in black. And in the center of the charger you’ll put your smartphone to charge. It has a slip-free feature as well. This means that your smartphone won’t scratch and your phone won’t slip from the charger by accident. It ‘s branded and a well known one .

  1. Charging Mode : 10W

  2. Strong building standard and metal production ensure long-term longevity.

  3. Its small and Effective .

  4. 1 Years Insurance Maker.

8. AT&T WC50 5W Wireless Charger:

Image source : AMAZON

The AT&T WC50 Wireless Charger is a great choice when it comes to a slim and lightweight wireless charging pad. 

This is a wireless charger that is one of the slimmest on the list. This is also a Qi certified wireless charging pad and supports all Qi-enabled smartphones, such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes / S Set, Huawei, Oppo and others. 

The LED indicator system is also great. 

  1. Its lightweight and with Slim design , makes its better .

  2. No fast Charging , Charging mode – 5W

  3. 1 Years Warranty Maker.

9. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad:

Image source : BELKIN

It is lightweight, robust and beautifully finished.

It is made of plastic and is therefore very lightweight as well.

As a result, it won’t be a problem with travel.

The compatibility of all Qi devices including Sony, Samsung , LG, Apple, GP, iPhone, etc. Compatible.

The product is expensive, if you do not care for the price and want a Branded / reliable Belkin wireless charger irrespective, then who is stopping you . 

  1. Charging Mode – 7 W, 9 W and 10 W

  2. It consisit of  3 battery , So more power 

  3. Warranty 3 Year

10. SKYVIK Beam 2 QI Certified Fast Wireless Charger:

Image source : SKYVIK

A multi-functional charger is this particular Wireless Mobile Charger . 

This is because, vertically or horizontally as you like, you can Charger your smartphone, it has a compact design and an anti-slip mat.

Also included are some useful safety features such as low-tension, built-in over-tensioning, boom protection, temperature control and short-circuit control. It has also Sleep functionality which enables to stop charging automatically when the phone is fully charged . 

  1. Fall around lightest around 40% lighter than the competition in the market .

  2. Charging mode – 7.5 W 

  3. 1 Year Warranty 

Wireless charging technology is taking its own time on Indian market for smartphones, But eventually coming Smartphones will have a wireless charger for free in the sale box , that is the HOPE !

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